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Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) operators continue to command excellent salaries in a wide range of industries, including architecture, construction, manufacturing, and semiconductor fabrication. A CAD certification is an excellent option if you already have a degree in another field and are looking to quickly obtain an entry-level position. A certificate can often be completed in as little as one year by students who pursue a full-time course of study.

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Our short courses are designed to get professionals updated CAD skills with as little downtime as possible. In addition to traditional instructor-led courses in a classroom setting, many of our courses are also available in self-paced, online formats.

Pursue a certification in any of the following areas:

  • Architectural and Engineering Computer Aided Design - This certificate prepares students to pursue careers in architectural drafting.
  • Integrated Circuit Layout & Design ? A certificate in integrated circuit mask design enables students to enter the semiconductor industry, the foundation for all advanced technology.
  • Civil CAD - A certificate in Civil Engineering Computer Aided Design is for students seeking careers in transportation, public works, and other infrastructure disciplines.

A wide range of businesses and governmental organizations depend on CAD drafters, including those in the architecture, automotive, construction, manufacturing, and semiconductor fabrication fields, so a future in this field is promising!

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Contact a program coordinator to help answer your questions. Technical careers in computer aided design are both challenging and rewarding. Choose a certification and get started today!

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Computer Aided Design Classes

Certified CAD Drafter Program

DFTG-1009 Certified CAD Drafter Level I

DFTG-2019 Certified CAD Drafter Level II

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Architectural CAD Classes

DFTG-1000 Revit Architecture Essentials

DFTX-3014 REVIT Architecture Advanced

DFTG-2009 Revit MEP Essentials

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Mechanical CAD Classes

DFTG-5032 Inventor Essentials

DFTX-3006 Sketch-Up Essentials

DFTG-5041 Solidworks

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Online CAD Classes

DFTG-1014 AutoCAD Complete Guide Online

DFTX-3007 Civil 3D Compl Guide Online

DFTX-3020 Inventor Compl Guide Online

DFTX-3015 Revit Arch Compl Guide Online

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General CAD Classes / CAD Training Center

DFTX-3012 3D Design Camp

DFTG-1071 AutoCAD Essentials

DFTG-1072 AutoCAD Advanced

DFTG-5025 AutoLISP

DFTG-1070 CAD Camp

DFTX-3002 CAD Manager Essentials

DFTX-5034 Certification Exam

DFTG-2011 Customizing AutoCAD

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