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Choosing a career as a utility lineworker is exciting and full of opportunity. This profession not only satisfies the longing to be challenged in your work, it delivers a stable and strong financial future. The ACC Utility Lineworker Certificate Program will help you to enter this promising occupation with courses that are designed to give you an excellent start.

Knowledge + Opportunity = Success

There are 5 required courses for the Utility Lineworker Certificate. All 5 classes can easily be completed in 1 semester, so you can quickly be working in your new career. The required courses are:

  • Basic Industrial Electricity - Theory and application of electrical energy with emphasis on industrial and commercial systems. Includes AC and DC theory, electrical generation, transmission, distribution and switching. Also included will be single phase and three phase motor principles.
  • Distribution Operations - A study of the theoretical and practical operation of electric utility distribution systems. Topics include customer service voltages, capacitors, and coordination of protection equipment.
  • Climbing Skills - Theory and application of pole climbing. Includes safety, climbing techniques, tool inspection, poles inspection, personal protective equipment, and fall protection.
  • Industrial Safety - This course will provide students with a strong overall understanding of the many safety practices and requirements as they relate to industrial settings, specifically power generation, transmission, and distribution.
  • National Electrical Safety Code - An introductory study of the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) for those who are employed or seek employment in fields requiring knowledge of the code. Emphasis is placed on the safety aspect of wiring design, protection, methods and materials and equipment for general use.

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Contact a program coordinator to help answer your questions. A career in the utility industry is a great choice. Get ready for a new future by beginning your certification program today!

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16 Hours / Week
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ELMT-1071 Industrial Safety

LNWK-1011 Climbing Skills

LNWK-1041 Distribution Operations

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