Certified Information Systems Auditor

Course Code: ITSY-1077

Course Description

This course is designed to teach the actual procedures and hands-on techniques for conducting IT/IS audits for Compliance and Cyber security regulations. Unlike exam cram reviews the focus is on performing the actual audit steps to be a “job ready” member of the audit team, with or without certification. Participants in this course usually pass the ISACA Certified Auditor Examination if certification is desired. CISA exam is offered only 3 times each year in June, September and December with an average of only 34% of all candidates passing the test with 2/3 of candidates failing their exam. Our pass rate is the majority will pass on their first try. It’s simply because 70% of the normal training time is consumed duplicating the content of non-auditing courses like Cisco Basic Routing and Switching or CompTIA Network+ and basic security concepts in Security+,
CASP, CISSP or CSX courses, and NEVER receiving enough time in practicing how to actually perform the IT/IS audit correctly. Neither the ISACA Official CISA Review nor typical CISA courses provide the actual auditor task training necessary in using the official audit procedures and how to run audit software necessary for your success. Without this exposure you will never be successful. It’s far easier to learn by performing multiple audit tasks, running the real analysis tools in this specific course than any other method. Even a newbie can become a superior auditor after this course.
Suggested prerequisites: Student will need to have completed prior training in IP Networking, basic Server Operating System setup and administration, and Cyber security training like ACC-ITSY-1074 or Security+, or CompTIA CASP, or ISC2 CISSP or ISACA CXE course. The minimum functional knowledge in TCP/IP networks (Design, IP addressing, Sub-netting, OSI layer 2 Switching and layer 3 Routing, IP firewall and Principles of setting up access control lists) with Basics Linux Server or MS-Windows Server (Setup, Configure, Administration), Concepts of using Encryption/Decryption and functional understanding of Cyber security components listed in U.S. NIST Special Publication 800-53 Security Controls Catalog.

2020 Spring Semester
Highland Business Center
Apr 1st - May 11th
MW @ 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
16 Seats Avail.


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