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Web Developer Certificate

Want to be recognized as a Web Wizard?

The Web Developer Certificate Program at ACC brings together an outstanding faculty of industry professionals, powerful computing resources, affordable tuition, and career guidance to get you exactly where you want to be. Through a series of courses in website design, interactive design, web development and internet programming, a webmaster certificate is closer than you might think.

Become Qualified and Certified

For your convenience, we offer online and classroom alternatives. Specialize in areas such as planning websites, designing attractive web pages, developing multimedia, setting up e-commerce sites, installing and managing a web server, and programming. Program highlights include:

  • Hands-on project based courses can be completed online
  • Total Program length of 270 to 350 hours (Can be completed in less than one year)
  • Day, evening and weekend classes are available
  • Students receive a certificate of completion for each class

There is no initial program registration fee. Simply pay for each class as you go. Limited financial assistance may be available.


Students interested in internships (paid or unpaid) as web developers can apply at Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts website. This is a great opportunity to gain experience working on a complex website with a team of seasoned web developers. When applying, specify that you are a student in the Webmaster Certificate Program at ACC. The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts is an equal employment opportunity employer.

Take the Next Step!

Completing the Web Developer Certificate Program is a smart career move. Contact a program coordinator to help answer your questions. Then get started down the path to achieving the industry-wide recognition you desire! To start online classes please follow these instructions. Contact the program coordinator if you want to be added to our Google group where we post projects and job opportunities.

Program Information

Estimated Tuition
Time Commitment
18 Months
8-12 Hours / Week

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Average Income w/ Experience
$34.29 / Hour

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Web Developer Certificate Courses

After you complete the 8 required and 3 elective courses, email the coordinator at and ask for petition to register for your final required course - Capstone Portfolio. If you are brand new to programming, you should take ITSE-1003: Introduction to Programming Languages (Note: does not count as any required or elective class for the Web Developer Certificate, but should be taken by non-programmers prior to enrolling in any programming class).

Elective Courses



ITSX-3016 Programming for E-Commerce Websites

ITNX-3014 Responsive Web Design & Cross-Browser Compatibility

View a list of related courses and descriptions for this program.

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A Testimonial From Karen Blanco -
"I learned so much doing the Capstone Project. ACC has a great program, and my advisor, Greg Hervey, was an excellent resource. His feedback made so much difference in the quality of the website."
A Testimonial From Elizabeth "Liz" Guenthner -
"I found a job, and I start in a couple of weeks. I want to convey what the ACC Webmaster Program did for me when I changed careers. I was let go from a manufacturing company after a 13 year career as a technical trainer. Since the job market was and still is struggling, not many technical companies were hiring so I knew I had to do something drastic. My passion has always been art and I wanted to combine my technical skills with my creative abilities and find a new career. I found the ACC Webmaster Program and I enrolled immediately. I took every class I could and focused on both the Graphic and Programming tracks soon realizing how all the programs related to one another to enhance the user experience. Now, having only my Capstone Project left to complete, I started interviewing with companies of all sizes and demographics and I was offered 3 internships and 1 job after attending a student job fair. Most of the recruiters I spoke with were impressed with the fact that I possess Design and Programming skills as not many people are crossed trained. I just want to thank you for your guidance and give a shout out to my favorite instructor, Greg Hervey, who was an AMAZING teacher and resource during my time with ACC. I could not have done all of this without you and this program."
A Testimonial From Kristin Eldridge -
"I wasn't sure what to expect when I signed up for the Web Design program. Most of the classes are available online. I had never taken an online class but was attracted by the prospect of saving precious time in travel and having the flexiblilty to work around my schedule. Each class was challenging yet attainable. I took a couple of classes on campus and enjoyed meeting other students, who varied in ages and experience. The teachers are highly knowledgeable, experienced and keep up with new changes in this cutting-edge field. I feel I have a good foundation with which to start my new career as a Web Designer and look forward to taking more classes."
A Testimonial From John Berezuk -
"I have so much enjoyed this set of classes at ACC and have been recommending them to friends and coworkers. This line of training is staffed with professionals who are not only well versed in this field, but also very entertaining. All of the classes I have attended including the online classes were very informative and interesting. I look forward to more educational paths at ACC."
A Testimonial From Rick Hauenstein -
"I first inquired about the Webmaster Certification Program because I needed some immediate help with Photoshop, ASP, and JavaScript. After taking a few classes, I was hooked and decided to finish the requirements for the Design Media Track. But why stop there? With a few additional classes, I received a second certification in the Programming Track. My Capstone project for the San Gabriel Writers' League has developed into more opportunities. Several Page 3 of 4 authors/editors in Central Texas have commissioned me to create their websites. But the coup de grace (so far) is that I am commissioned to redesign and maintain the Writers' League of Texas website. Thanks for all your professionalism during and after participating in this program. I strongly recommend the Webmaster Certification Program!"
A Testimonial From Susan Madden -
"The Webmaster program at ACC is full of opportunities to learn sophisticated tools and techniques. Having this high quality resource available at a modest cost is a huge asset; I urge you to take advantage of it. I have really enjoyed this program. The classroom courses were incredible, so full of practical and invaluable information. The instructors have years of real-world experiences that really bring the topics to life. (I especially enjoyed classes by Greg Hervey and Seán Gilkey.) I took several of the online courses too and really enjoyed the convenience. I also appreciated that the courses are short and compact. It is so much easier to fit a short 2 - 4 week class into a busy schedule, rather than a class that lasts an entire semester. Even though it was quite challenging at times, I had a blast in this program! The Capstone project especially is a real skill-builder. When one class was over, I could hardly wait to take the next one. Since there is always something new to learn, I definitely plan to take more Webmaster classes at ACC in the future."
A Testimonial From Souhir Ben Hsan Kessemtini -
"I have a master degree in Computer Science and I wanted to obtain the Web Developer Certificate from ACC. I have taken classes with Greg Hervey and Judy Cannon; they both are top-notch instructors! Judy is very helpful and encouraging. Greg was my capstone mentor, he helped me a lot, he has impeccable attention to detail, and he's always available and quick to answer. Thank you so much for having this program, also thanks to my instructors, Judy Cannon and Greg Hervey for all what I learned from them and of course Marcela, the Program Coordinator. I strongly recommend the Web Developer Certificate at ACC."
A Testimonial From Denise Williams -
"I LOVE the fact that I can take all these WebMaster classes online. My personal schedule finds me on the computer at all hours of the day and night. So the online courses allow me to "attend class" at my convenience which is extremely attractive to a working mom/wife who is trying to further her knowledge and skills. Thank you for being so attentive to my needs and for offering this program. All in all, I'm pleased with your program and the people that support it."
A Testimonial From Paul T. Rebman -
"Thank you very much. I've really enjoyed the Webmaster program and all that I've learned. I had a lot of fun and did learn a lot. Thank you so much for having a program that is helping me move on to my second career. Thanks also to my instructors, Judy Cannon and of course Greg Hervey for all that I've learned from them."
A Testimonial From Robert Huff -
"I really enjoyed the Program, I would recommend it to anyone looking to learn more about Web development. All the classes were very in depth and informative and I learned a lot from the courses. I am definitely a better web developer thanks to have taken this program and the best part is it's very flexible and all the classes are available online for those of us who have busy schedules and if you get stuck there is great instructors like Judy Cannon, and Greg Hervey, who are very knowledgeable and are there to help answer any questions and guide you. I look forward to taking many more Web classes here with ACC."
A Testimonial From David Imler -
"I have thoroughly enjoyed the classes I've taken in the webmaster program and will continue to watch the course offerings for personal interests. The webmaster program has allowed me to make a transition in my career from a Tcl/Tk-UNIX scripting programmer to an e-Business developer working on enterprise web solutions."
A Testimonial From Jolette Janda -
"I have learned a great deal in the online classes. I am very impressed that I was able to learn as much as I did... by taking ALL online classes. The classes were extremely rewarding and fun. Greg Hervey is very impressive. I chose him as my capstone advisor because of the classes I chose to take with him. His lessons, response time to questions and homework assignments, and his knowledge are beyond what I expected from the course... Thanks."
A Testimonial From Brittani -
"This was the first time I have ever taken an online course and found it to be much better than expected. Mr. Hervey was very accessible and answered all of my questions within 24 hours. The direction on the lessons were clear and easy to follow. The explanations provided in addition to the step-by-step directions were also very helpful in understanding the lessons and answered a lot of my questions before I had to ask. All in all, I enjoyed the online teaching style and the content of the course."
A Testimonial From Lisa Wade -
"The Webmaster Certificate Program has helped me gain a much more thorough understanding of code and of web interface design. For the cost of one corporate 3-day workshop, I was able to spend over a year honing my skills under the guidance of knowledgeable instructors, and I did so on my own time through convenient online courses. I will likely continue taking courses at ACC to refresh my skills."
A Testimonial From Joe Sanchez -
"I have completed all but the Capstone project in the Web Developer Certificate program and I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to lean about web development. First of all, the instructors are great. Judy Cannon, Greg Hervey, and Bob Carnaghi were all very helpful, provided quick responses, feedback, and always available. I was able to take all the classes online which was very helpful. All the classes were challenging and interesting, and I actually looked forward to doing the class work and completing the courses. Each instructor has a different method of presenting the class material, but all are well presented, organized and easy to take. These courses have helped me in my current position and look forward to building on what I have learned from this program. Well worth the time and effort."
A Testimonial From Vidal Tan -
"I have a B.S. in Computer Science and I decided I wanted to obtain the Webmaster Certificate from ACC Continuing Education Department, for both the Programming and Design tracks. Thus far, I have only taken classes with Greg Hervey and Judy Cannon; both of which are truly top notch instructors! Greg's courses are always current and updated to reflect the current standards. He puts information in his courses to cover the older versions of Dreamweaver, as well as the currently released version. He has impeccable attention to detail, and it shows in his work, which I greatly appreciate. Judy is always readily available and is quick to give direction. Believe me, you will eventually get lost when learning code, so it is imperative that you have an instructor who is ready and willing to give you direction. She is very encouraging and I greatly appreciate her encouragement. Thus far, with the classes I have taken, I am a little over half way completed with the Webmaster Certificate Program; and I am confident with the directions from Greg, Judy, and Marcela (the Program Coordinator), that I will succeed in this endeavor. For anyone seeking knowledge in Web Design and Programming, I strongly recommend the Webmaster Certificate Program at ACC Continuing Education."
A Testimonial From Cynthia Manor -
"I really enjoyed the program, and it has helped to open up some more career opportunities. When I started taking the classes I wasn't sure I would finish or if I did, when. This ended up being one of the best things that could have happened to me."
A Testimonial From Alexander Rapstine -
"When I wanted to acquire new skills for a potential career change, the ACC Web Developer Certificate program was an ideal solution. The flexibility of online coursework for someone with a job, a family, and other obligations made my future goals possible. I learned a lot as I took each new course, and Judy Cannon was especially helpful with her skillful instruction and guidance. I would highly recommend the program to anyone looking to make a career change or just simply add a new skill to their toolbox."
A Testimonial From Mary Heckmann -
"The Webmaster Program at ACC was an ideal fit for me to continue my professional development in web design and provided the flexibility I needed with my schedule. The Design Track broadened my familiarity with content management systems, enhanced my graphic design skills, and gave me the foundation with HTML coding and CSS style sheets required to be successful as a Web Designer and Producer. Putting all of my learnings to practice with the Capstone project was a valuable test of my abilities and put a solid practice in place with clients. Following the step-by-step approach of defining project objectives, developing wireframes, designing visual comps, and then moving to final production proved to streamline the process with my client and guarantee satisfaction. Thank you to Mr. Greg Hervey for his ongoing accessibility to me throughout the program, his attention to detail in trouble shooting problems, and his well-crafted courses which displayed his vast technical and industry knowledge."
A Testimonial From Archana Mittadoddi -
"The program really helped me with my career opportunities. I have really enjoyed this program. When I started the course I had very little knowledge about web designing and developing. By the end of the course completion I am able to stand-up a website on my own. I would recommend ACC to anyone who is looking to learn more about web development."


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