STEPS Program

Skills, Training and Education for Personal Success

The STEPS is a program that provides a path for students with mild to moderate disabilities to cultivate skills for a successful future. By valuing each student's unique abilities and developing their individual potential, we provide educational enrichment and the skills for meaningful employment. Our students graduate with confidence, self-reliance and the tools to become a vital member of the community.

College and Career Readiness

Support - Austin Community College's STEPS offers a variety support to help adults achieve their goals. Working together with agencies and schools, we provide comprehensive supports through their entire two years leading towards increased independence and employ-ability.

Choices - Whether a student wants to continue their education or jump into the workforce, STEPS will give them the jumpstart to becoming successful.

Individualized Instruction - Individualized instruction is important to student success through STEPS. During the intake interview students skills and interests are evaluated.

Graduation Plan - Students complete a graduation plan during their intake based on their long term goals and interests.

Social Skills - Developing appropriate social skills is a central element in all ACC's STEPS classes. Students learn how to handle stressful situations, interact with coworkers and peers as well as handle the responsibilities of being an adult.

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Up To 2 Years
Hours Vary Per Week

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Download The Program
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Students with Disabilities

STEPS Program Courses

DEVR-8001 STEPS Academic Skills

POFT-1091 STEPS Administrative Procedures

POFT-1021 STEPS Business Math

BMGT-1091 STEPS Business Ethics

POFT-1000 STEPS Career Exploration & Planning

POFT-1092 STEPS Computer Fundamentals

BUSG-1091 STEPS Financial Planning

POFX-8007 STEPS Getting Ready For College

MRKG-1091 STEPS Principles of Retailing

BUSG-1091 STEPS Professionalism in the Workplace

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