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» Continuing Education » Course Registration » Registration Tutorial

» Continuing Education » Course Registration » Registration Tutorial

ACC COVID-19 / Health & Safety Update

Latest information on ACC COVID-19 website. Important information for returning students can be found here.

New CE Students

Are you an existing ACC student? Click here

1. Click on a course title in the Course Schedule listings section.

2. Find the appropriate course title and click on the synonym for the course section you wish to register for.

3. On the course page click "Add to List".

Repeat steps 1-3 for all courses you would like to register for.

4. Once completed, navigate to Your Personal Course List Page. Be sure to print and save your list. You will need this information for the following steps.

Click the Register button.

5. On the Course Registration screen click the Register button.

6. This will bring you to ACCc’s CE Course Registration system. Click the "Register & Pay for Continuing Education Classes" link.

7. Using the information from your Personal Course List Page, enter the synonym number for each course you wish to register for, then click "Submit".

Note: If you receive an error message that reads “No classes meeting the search criteria have been found. The classes you are choosing may be full or unavailable” It is often caused by selecting courses that have already started, or have some type of restriction.

8. On the Select Classes screen verify the information of your course selections and check the empty check box for each course. Then click Submit.

Note: Leave the “Credits” field blank.

9. On the Personal Identification screen, Fill in all required Personal Identification, marked with an asterisk (*), and click Submit.

10. Fill in all required information on the "Feedback or Additional Registration Info" screens, and click Submit.

11. On the "Pay for Classes" screen select "Register, Paycheck out now" from the "Choose one of the following:" drop-down selection. Select a "Payment Type" and click Submit.

12. On the Processing my Credit Card screen, review the information and click Continue. You will be redirected to ACC's payment gateway.

13. Complete the transaction on the screens here.

Existing CE Students

  1. Open the following link for Online Services.
  2. Click the "Log In" link in the top right corner.
  3. Enter your ACCeID & Password, and click Submit.
  4. Click the "Register & Pay for Continuing Education Classes" link.
  5. Enter your Course Prefix, Course Number, and Section - or - Synonym in the appropriate area and click Submit.
  6. Confirm your course by clicking the empty check box to its left, then click Submit.
  7. If prompted, confirm your personal information, and click Submit.
  8. Fill in all required information on the "Feedback" screen, and click Submit.
  9. Finally, enter your payment information, and click Submit.