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Nonprofit Leadership & Management:

About the Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership & Management (CNLM) Program:
The CNLM program provides 18 full days of instruction over 9 months – September through May – totaling more than 150 hours of contact time. Designed for both professional staff and volunteers who are already engaged in, or aspire to leadership within the Nonprofit Sector of Texas, CNLM affords a disciplined view of self, of the organizations in which you operate, and the overall environment of the Texas Nonprofit Sector. 

Program Overview:
Many nonprofit practitioners and volunteer leaders come to their work through passion more than by way of an education that has taught them how to lead and manage effectively in order to manifest that passion. Built on a strong competency model, the CNLM program offers one of the most comprehensive nonprofit professional development opportunities in Texas. Its serious course of study – requiring the commitment and investment of its participants – provides the “learning” and “experience” it takes to thrive as a committed, competent and effective leader and manager within the nonprofit community. CNLM program coordinators and faculty are passionate expert practitioners who help participants (who come from across the State of Texas) to build their personal effectiveness and then to strengthen the organizations they serve.

Application Process:
You must complete an application PRIOR to enrolling. Download applications at

Grant Writing:
The Grant Writing Certificate Program provides an intensive opportunity to acquire the knowledge and practice the skills necessary to succeed in today’s competitive grant writing environment. The class is led by an accomplished grant writer with an easygoing style who packs each day with a vast amount of content and expertise. In addition, you’ll receive an extensive package of materials to use both during the week and for future grant writing projects.

The Grant Writing Certificate Program is a hands-on workshop, not just a series of lectures. Class size is intentionally small in order to provide personalized attention while you build a real, usable work product.

This certificate program is composed of four sessions held over five days for a total of 30 contact hours (3.0 CEUs):

  • Introduction to Grant Writing (6 hours)
  • Hands-on Grant-Writing Workshop (12 hours)
  • Grant Research: Targeting Funds for Nonprofits Online (6 hours)
  • Coordinating Grant Writing with Development (6 hours)

Volunteer Management:
This course will benefit anyone in the nonprofit, association, and governmental sector who seeks to learn how to build a successful volunteer program. Participants will discover the latest volunteer management trends, learn key steps in the volunteer management process and develop skills and techniques that are useful to any organizational leader. All sessions have been recognized by the Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration and will cover the Councils Core Competencies for Managers of Volunteer Resources. The Certificate in Volunteer Management is four full days of learning from and with nationally recognized volunteer management experts. This is not a CVA (Certified in Volunteer Administration) credentialing course.

Effective Fundraising:
The Certificate in Effective Fundraising (CEF) offers a comprehensive and systematic exploration of the key competencies required to be a self-aware, confident, reflective, ethical fundraising professional with a strong sense of professionalism, commitment and passion for the nonprofit sector.
Ideal participants are individuals who see fundraising as part of their professional and volunteer careers, and who want to interact with and learn from the best in the field. Faculty members are local, regional and national practitioners. Participants have a unique networking opportunity to engage with like-minded colleagues, meet significant forces in the nonprofit arena, and develop a community of practice that will benefit them in their career development.
You are an ideal candidate, if you are
•A professional or volunteer fund raiser who is seeking greater competence (skills, knowledge and experience);
•Looking to make a career change and want a comprehensive and systematic way to learn and acquire the competencies needed to be an ethical and effective fundraiser;
•A graduate of a nonprofit academic program and looking for a pragmatic, experience-based learning opportunity that will help you advance in your career; or,
•A fundraising professional seeking further education and credits toward your CFRE.

Nonprofit Financial Management
The Certificate in Nonprofit Financial Management is a comprehensive and systematic learning opportunity, covering the tools, frameworks and concepts necessary for effective nonprofit financial management. It is especially useful for: • Current financial management staff seeking further education or a refresher; • Aspiring professionals seeking competence and professional opportunities in this area; • Program staff seeking understanding of this critical organizational function; • Individuals looking to make a career change and wanting a comprehensive and systematic way to acquire the competencies needed to be an effective nonprofit financial manager; • Volunteer leaders seeking greater understanding of the financial management function. Application Process: You must complete an application PRIOR to enrolling. Download applications at

ETWR 1000 Grant Writing
Open SeatsEnrollmentSynonymSection # I/MCampBldgRoomDaysStart DateEnd DateStart TimeEnd TimeInstructor
5 [ 10/15 ]26205 111  DLSDILDLS DIL MTW9/13/20219/21/202109:00AM04:00PM Directory Smith, Jack
3 [ 12/15 ]26206 112  DLSDILDLS DIL MTW12/6/202112/14/202109:00AM04:00PMStaff
BMGT 1020 Volunteer Management
Open SeatsEnrollmentSynonymSection # I/MCampBldgRoomDaysStart DateEnd DateStart TimeEnd TimeInstructor
X [ 0/25 ]34823 110  DLSDILDLS DIL MT11/15/202111/16/202109:00AM04:00PM Directory Tolliver, Katelyn L
DLSDILDLSDILMT  12/13/2021 12/14/202109:00AM 04:00PM Directory Tolliver, Katelyn L
BMGT 1091 Nonprofit Leadership & Management 1
Open SeatsEnrollmentSynonymSection # I/MCampBldgRoomDaysStart DateEnd DateStart TimeEnd TimeInstructor
26 [ 14/ 40 ] 34798 110  DLSDILDLS DIL F9/10/202112/3/202108:30AM04:30PM Directory Tolliver, Katelyn L
DLSDILDLSDIL 12/17/2021 12/17/202108:30AM 04:30PM Directory Tolliver, Katelyn L

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