Graphics for Business, Government and Technical Information

Course Code: ETWR-1074

Course Description

Focusing on graphics commonly required of technical writers, this course begins with rhetorical principles relating to graphic design; challenges students to envision graphics for plain text; introduces software such as Photoshop for editing graphics; includes techniques for importing and positioning graphics into desktop publishing software such as FrameMaker and Word; introduces editing existing hardware vector graphics; provides practice creating relatively simple graphics such as geometrical, conceptual, and flowchart-type graphics using applications such as CorelDraw, Illustrator, or AutoCAD; and provides a thorough introduction to scalable vector graphics (SVG). Integrated with college credit ETWR 1374.

For questions regarding this course, please contact Marcela Nouzovska.

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2018 Summer Semester
Online Course
May 29th - Aug 13th
Online Course ( HRS)
1 Seats Avail.
2018 Fall Semester
Online Course
Sep 24th - Dec 16th
Online Course ( HRS)
8 Seats Avail.

* This Course Is Convertible To Credit


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