Clinical-Licensed Practical/Vocational Nursing Training-Preceptorship

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Clinical Preceptorship component to VNSG 2033. To meet the learning objectives, students are assigned to a trained preceptor in a local healthcare facility. The student will do patient care under the guidance of the preceptor, working within the preceptor's schedule. The student needs to successfully complete 80 hours in the clinical preceptorship. Prerequisites: (1) Completion of RNSG 2022 Nursing Skills Review, (2) Current enrollment or completion of VNSG 2033 (3) Completion and Approval of Nurse Reentry Application.

For questions regarding this course, please contact Wendy Pickard.

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Jan 22nd - May 19th
11 Weeks Total
Course Instructor
1 Students Registered
24 Seats Available

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Base Cost of $310.00 + $1.00 Fees
$311.00 Course Cost
*May require a $1 or $3 insurance fee

This course was part of the 2019 Spring Semester and registration is closed. For additional help, please contact the program coordinator.

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