Capstone Portfolio

Course Code: ITNW-6003

Course Description

In this final course in the Webmaster Certificate Program, students develop a website that demonstrates the range of skills and abilities they have acquired during the program. They develop this website with an ACC Webmaster Certificate Program instructor acting as a mentor. The capstone project has to be linked from the students' index.html page as a part of their web portfolio. The entire web portfolio including a web resume will be evaluated as a part of the capstone project. See for more details. Required prerequisites:: Completion of all other requirements for an ACC Webmaster Certificate Program (either track), including web projects from other classes, index.html page, web resume, and approval of the Coordinator. No classroom meeting; one-on-one with mentor.

2019 Summer Semester
Other Training Locations
Jun 10th - Aug 30th
TBA @ M - $M
9 Seats Avail.
2019 Fall Semester
Off Campus
Sep 9th - Dec 6th
TBA @ M - $M
10 Seats Avail.


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